About Us

Code & Copy is an agency created by the merger of 2 separate entities, namely Lab-G (an online development company) and The Garaj (a digital marketing agency) who have a proven track record in their respective fields. The two companies have co-existed and worked alongside one another for years, in 2019 the owners of these companies came to the conclusion that merging the two companies would have a profound positive effect not only for their clients but for the industry as a whole and this is how Code & Copy came to be.

We have focused on the two key elements of an effective website or mobile application down to its core which is secure, fast and industry-standard practices with clean well-written code and proper keyword-rich, SEO friendly copywriting. The new agency is focused on removing all the smoke and mirrors from the digital industry as a whole and pride themselves in digital education for SME and Startup companies.

Founders of Code & Copy

Ra’ees Mohamed

Co-founder & Head of Sales & Marketing

Ra’ees Mohamed has been in the Digital Marketing industry for over 10 years. Ra’ees began his Entrepreneurial ventures over 5 years ago, after gaining a myriad of experience in multiple sectors of the Digital industry. After 5 years of running on his own, Ra’ees Co-found Code & Copy in 2019 merging his company “The Garaj” with a Development house.

Ra’ees’s expertise lays in formulating Digital Conversion strategies in the online sector, providing holistic marketing plans for Organic Search, Social Media as well as Paid Ads to bring real world sales through your digital platform.

Zander Labuschagne

Co-founder & Head of Creation

Zander Labuschagne has been in the design and Development industry for more then 10 years and started his first Business at the age of 17. Years later he co-found Code & Copy in 2019 by merging his then company, Lab-G with a Digital marketing Company. 

His expertise lies in system architecture and high-end front-end designs. He heads the Development Department within Code & copy and is mostly responsible for technical projects internationally.