Search engine Marketing

Code & Copy (Pty) Ltd provides monthly search engine marketing to assist our clients in achieving the topmost rankings on all search engines, as well as improved website traffic by creating dynamic marketing campaigns to increase online traffic through trusted link building and traffic sources.

Why your website needs search engine marketing

Optimising your site to rank well in search engines is not just about getting quality one-way links. Instead, a lot more goes into making them rank well on the very competitive Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or Search Results. Our Website Analysis focuses on helping you better understand the importance of website characteristics and quality information, through professional evaluation and how you can prepare your website to rank well for Search Engines, generate higher traffic and convert them into your paying customers.

The goal of search engine marketing is to generate a lot of natural traffic. And to be able to capitalize on the long-term with a recurrent source of new visitors. You spend a lot of time creating quality content for your visitors. You know that generating visibility is difficult and it’s not your fault. A good referencing must value your time investment.

Search engine marketing has the potential to bring you regularly qualified traffic that meets your goals. You still have to get the visibility you want. Getting to understand what Google wants is complicated, but it is far more straightforward when you take things one step at a time. It is complex because there are many SEO rumours. But also, because the model of the web is abstract.