Where Code & Copy comes from:

In 2019, Ra’ees Mohamed and Zander Labuschagne came to a pivotal realization about the critical importance of web development and design in the spheres of digital marketing and search engine marketing. This insight was the catalyst for the merging of their respective businesses, giving birth to Code & Copy. This agency is dedicated to the creation of clean, meticulously developed websites and applications, all designed with a keen focus on optimizing conversions.

The ethos of Code & Copy is encapsulated in its succinct yet profound slogan: “Code, Create, Convert.” This motto highlights the agency’s commitment to three fundamental principles. Firstly, the development of clean, well-structured code that forms the backbone of any successful digital platform. Secondly, the creation of relevant and engaging content that resonates with the target audience. And finally, the ultimate goal: converting visitors into loyal clients. This process is a testament to the agency’s understanding that successful conversions are the product of a harmonious blend of technical excellence and creative prowess. Code & Copy stands as a beacon in the digital marketing landscape, embodying the seamless integration of development, design, and marketing strategies to achieve outstanding results.

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